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Oral Hygiene Instructions



Horizontal scrubbing along with a lot of pressure is not the right way of brushing teeth as you harm your teeth more than doing good. The modified Bass cleaning technique is the one that should be followed as it is beneficial for those who have healthy gums and those who have gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Keep the toothbrush at the margin of the gums at 45° angle and put mild force on the bristles so that they press against the teeth and gums softly. Next engage the toothbrush in small to-and-fro strokes. Through this motion both the dental plaque and the food debris will be washed off.

Ideally, a SOFT toothbrush should be used. Brushing should be done three times in a day, after meals. A minimum of two minutes should be given for brushing. You can use a timer during the initial days to get an idea. Divide 2 minutes as a minute for upper and a minute for the lower jaw. Now in each jaw split one minute to half so that each side (right or left) gets 30 seconds. You can further split 30 seconds to half so that you can give 15 seconds to clean the outside surface (cheek/lip side) and the other 15 seconds for inner side.


Take at least 18 inches (50cm) of floss and hold at least 2 inches of floss in between your fingers. The rest of the floss should be neatly wound around your middle finger.

Using your thumbs and index fingers gently insert the floss (that is held tightly) in between two teeth. Care should be taken not to thrust the floss onto the gums injuring them.

Now curve the floss such that it forms a shape of “C” around the tooth. Engage your fingers in an up-down movement so that the floss cleans the surface faling in between the teeth. Release a small section of unused floss each tme yu shift from one tooth to other.

Cleaning around Bridges & Implants

It is extremely essential to frequently clean the teeth that have crowns and bridges or those that are supported by implants. This is because these teeth are prone to develop dental decay or gum disease when not kept clean.

Ask Dr. Estafan to demonstrate you the technique of using FLOSS THREADERS and INTERDENTAL BRUSHES. These cleaning aids help in cleaning around restorations. We do have samples on hand, should you need them.