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What are digital dental x-rays?

Digital dental x-rays or dental radiographs are administered as part of an annual exam to provide a more thorough picture of your teeth and gums. They allow our professional team at Madison Avenue Dentists to diagnose problems that are not visible by the naked eye and to understand more about your oral health by showing the interior of your mouth, including the teeth, gums, and jaw. There are many dental and oral concerns that can be diagnosed with digital dental images, including tooth decay, cavities, cysts, abscesses, bone loss, and tooth impaction. If these problems are identified early, you can be treated more efficiently with more treatment options. During your annual dental examination in our New York, NY office, digital dental imaging will help the team diagnose and treat oral health issues.

Digital x-rays taken at Madison Avenue Dentists are an excellent, state-of-the-art tool that allow New York, NY individuals to know about any significant problems affecting their oral health. Benefits of digital dental x-rays include:

  • Less radiation than traditional x-rays
  • Providing clear, high-resolution images to the dentist
  • Allowing better diagnosis of issues with the gums, teeth, and mouth than with the naked eye or older x-ray technology
  • More comfortable than traditional x-rays
  • Safer for the environment than typical x-rays
  • X-rays are done very fast
  • Images can be sent to any other medical or oral health provider within seconds

Who Is A Candidate For Digital Dental X-Rays?

Typically, digital dental imaging is a part of an annual dental exam. These x-rays may be administered as part of a preventive dental treatment plan or if you are experiencing a specific problem. Even though digital dental x-rays use significantly less radiation than film dental x-rays, Madison Avenue Dentists likes to limit each patient's exposure. While this form of imaging is generally safe for any patient, female patients who are breastfeeding or pregnant should tell their dentist or assitant at the beginning of the dental exam so that extra cautionary steps can be taken.

How are digital dental x-rays taken?

Often done at the beginning of your appointment, digital dental x-rays take around 5 – 10 minutes to do in our New York, NY office. The x-rays are quick and painless, involving both intraoral (inside the mouth) and extraoral (outside of the mouth) images. Many patients will have a series of dental x-rays to show the various sections of the mouth. Once complete, they will be uploaded to be viewed by you and a member of our dental team at Madison Avenue Dentists during your appointment. We will assess any abnormalities and go over treatment options after the x-rays are viewed.

What should I expect after a dental x-ray?

A series of dental x-rays will generally be taken once a year at your annual dental exam here at Madison Avenue Dentists. During certain exams, a full mouth set may be taken to get a comprehensive view of your teeth, gums, and jaw. Your dental x-rays will be kept with other dental information in our New York, NY office so we can identify changes over time and chart any growing concerns. After you get dental x-rays, they become a valuable part of your dental history.

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Improving your oral health one scan at a time

At Madison Avenue Dentists, we use the latest in digital dental x-ray technology to ensure that our patients get the care that improves their health. This technology helps diagnose oral health issues, provides our dental team a unique understanding, and allows us to see any hidden issues to be treated before you feel pain. To improve your oral health, contact our team in New York, NY to schedule your next dental examination with digital dental imaging.

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How often should I receive digital dental x-rays?

For the average patient, we usually recommend receiving new dental x-rays about once every year. However, in some unique cases, x-rays may be required more frequently. These x-rays are generally performed during a general exam.

What is shown in a digital dental x-ray?

Typically, we utilize digital dental x-rays in order to identify whether or not there is any decay within the teeth themselves. This allows us to notice and treat small problems before they grow into larger issues. Without x-rays, many of these problems would likely go undiscovered until the patient begins to feel pain or sickness.

Are digital dental x-rays covered by insurance?

Most dental insurance plans should cover most or all of the cost of an annual digital dental x-ray. This is due to their crucial part in maintaining the overall health of the mouth and gums. We can work with patients without insurance to find a financing plan that will fit their budget.

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