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What Is a Dental Exam?

Attending routine dental evaluations allow you to take a proactive stand to retain the health of your teeth. A routine oral exam at Madison Avenue Dentists identifies dental caries, gum disease, cancer of oral tissues, and different problems that might be impacting your oral and general health. Often carried out at regular dental cleaning visits, oral exams let our dental team study the teeth, gums, arch alignment, jawbone, and additional oral features and will usually ensure prompt diagnosis and management of oral issues. To best ensure the health and beauty of your smile, come in for a regular dental examination at our New York, NY facility at your earliest convenience.

Protecting your oral health is a crucial part of overall health. Benefits of regular professional dental exams at Madison Avenue Dentists in New York, NY include:

  • Identifying any potential oral health issues
  • Prolonging the healthy life of your teeth
  • Reducing the risk of painful and expensive dental emergencies
  • Using the latest technology to examine your overall oral health
  • Monitoring the condition of existing restorations, such as crowns and fillings
  • The process is both thorough and prompt

Who is a good candidate for a dental exam?

All patients should get oral evaluations no less than once every year for general needs. Dental exams can also be conducted if necessary to assess dental discomfort, trauma, or other issues that could manifest between visits in our New York, NY office. Cavities, which may not cause distinguishable symptoms to form until the more advanced phases, and periodontal disease, the leading instigator of missing teeth, will be easily traceable with a dental exam. If dental concerns are detected immediately, our dental team at Madison Avenue Dentists can generally offer a wider range of options for treatment.


What should I expect during my visit?

Yearly exams at our New York, NY practice begin with a review of your medical record. A member of our team will also review any dental issues or cosmetic smile goals you have to find out more about your general dental wellness. At particular yearly exams, a series of digital x-rays might be performed to give our dental team greater insight into the health of your teeth and bone tissues. We can then screen for oral cancer, evaluate the evenness of your arches and jaw joints, and look at your teeth for breaks, as well as the comfort of any dental appliances. A gum evaluation may also be done to identify potential symptoms of periodontal disease.

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Protect Your Smile With Preventive Care

Getting a nice smile takes more work than just scheduling an appointment with us if you notice a concern. Routine dental exams at Madison Avenue Dentists maximize the likelihood of immediate diagnosis and management for dental problems and are essential in preserving your dental wellness. Set up your oral assessment with us in our New York, NY facility as soon as you can to continue down the road of optimal oral health.

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How often should I schedule a dental exam?

Typically, we recommend for patients to schedule a full dental exam at least once per year. However, some patients — especially those with a history of dental issues — should schedule them more frequently. In these cases, our patients tend to schedule exams about once every six months.

What is the difference between a dental exam and a dental cleaning?

During a dental exam, our staff will look carefully at your teeth, mouth, throat, and gums in order to identify any signs of cavities, disease, cancer, or other issues. A dental cleaning, on the other hand, involves the use of various instruments to remove plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth.

Are dental exams painful?

No. While it is incredibly common to feel nervous about an appointment at the dentist, our patients do not notice any pain or discomfort during a routine service, such as an exam. This is due in large part to our combination of experience and advanced equipment.

How do I prepare for a dental exam?

For best results, Madison Avenue Dentists recommends that patients arrive at their appointment with freshly brushed teeth. You should also come prepared with any relevant medical history and a list of medications and supplements you are currently taking. Lastly, be sure to bring your insurance card, if applicable. This will allow us to validate coverage prior to treatment.

What should I do after a dental exam?

After a dental exam in New York, NY, you will need to follow all aftercare instructions given by our staff. Depending on the findings of your examination, you may be asked to return for follow-up visits or treatment. Remember to maintain a regular brushing and flossing schedule to ensure optimal oral health!

What if I have a dental emergency?

If you experience pain, swelling, trauma, or other unusual or uncomfortable symptoms, please do not hesitate to contact our facility. Our skilled dental team is available for emergency appointments during normal business hours. We will do everything we can to diagnose and treat your issue as soon as possible.

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