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What is cavity detection?

Early detection of a cavity is important for preventing further issues in your teeth. Along with a visual exam and x-rays, Madison Avenue Dentists provides laser technology that safely reacts to cavities for faster diagnosis. Laser detection operates by using a blue light that shows irregularities in the tooth. The light can help reveal teeth that contain cavities. Should a cavity be found, our team in New York, NY will develop a custom treatment plan for you to treat your tooth and repair your dental health. Learn more information on cavity detection at your next dental examination.

Who is a good candidate for a cavity detection procedure?

During every patient's yearly dental exam, laser cavity detection will be used. This is especially beneficial in younger patients with growing teeth and patients prone to cavities. Cavities can be harmful to teeth if left undetected and untreated so it is very important to spot cavities in the early stages. Our team at Madison Avenue Dentists combines laser cavity detection technology with digital x-rays to guarantee all areas are checked. To get the comprehensive dental care that will benefit you, contact our New York, NY office today.

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What is the follow-up from cavity detection like?

In the event a cavity is detected during your examination, our team at Madison Avenue Dentists will discuss recommended treatments and how soon they need to be scheduled. Generally, a cavity that's caught early may be fixed with a tooth-colored filling. In some cases, another treatment (such as an onlay or inlay) may be recommended. If necessary, we can also discuss procedures, such as sealants or fluoride therapy, that may decrease your chance of developing cavities. For more information, schedule an appointment in our New York, NY office.

Detect so you can defend

Occasionally brushing and flossing cannot prevent a cavity from developing. Since cavities may cause serious tooth decay if left untreated, it is crucial for you to take action to ensure your teeth stay healthy and your smile is shielded. Our New York, NY dental office offers advanced laser cavity detection and therapy, and that means you don't need to suffer from the long-term consequences of decay. Contact our team at Madison Avenue Dentists to schedule a dental examination with laser cavity detection.

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How long does it take for a cavity to destroy a tooth?

Each cavity will spread differently depending on a person's own teeth and overall oral health. For the majority of patients, it will take years until the cavity has caused severe damage. However, sometimes cavities can spread very quickly, making it incredibly important to identify them as soon as possible.

Why do i still get cavities even after consistently brushing and flossing?

In many cases, this is due to the biofilm surrounding the teeth. Some people simply have an unbalanced biofilm that can lead to the buildup of plaque and tartar even with healthy amounts of brushing and flossing. Fortunately, this can usually be mitigated by making some adjustments to your diet.

What happens if a cavity goes untreated?

A cavity left ignored will simply continue to grow until it has caused irreversible damage to the affected tooth. It also can lead to the creation of a second cavity. This will cause pain as the tooth becomes more and more brittle, making it more susceptible to cracking or breaking.

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