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What are sleep apnea treatments?

Sleep apnea is recognized as repeated pauses in breathing during sleep. This is the result of your muscles relaxing and gravity pulling your airway closed. The brief suffocation that results produces excessive stress on the body, which can cause heart conditions, like hypertension, memory loss, mood change, weight gain, and fatigue. There are lots of sleep or snoring apnea solutions to go with ranging from airway surgeries, like an adenoidectomy, maxillofacial surgery, or tonsillectomy, to the use of a CPAP device. Sometimes people aren't pleased with these solutions. In these cases, they may turn to dental options to help solve the problem. At Madison Avenue Dentists in New York, NY, we focus on producing custom-fit night guards to offer relief to our sleep apnea patients. Our dental team is proud to provide this easy, comfy, and dependable support to help you achieve better health and wellness.

Who is a good candidate for sleep apnea treatment?

Individuals who suffer from severe sleep apnea aren't ideal candidates to receive a dental-based remedy. In these scenarios, a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine may be among the greatest choices. However, if you have a mild to moderate snoring problem, a dental alternative offered by our professionals in our New York, NY office may be exactly what you want. Sleep apnea may be dangerous because it stops you from breathing naturally hundreds of times each night when the cells in your throat and soft palate collapse. When this occurs, your airway is obstructed, preventing oxygen from getting to your brain and other organs. So naturally, it is imperative to have it properly diagnosed and treated with the very best option available. Contact our team at Madison Avenue Dentists so we can customize a treatment plan just for you.

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Does insurance cover sleep apnea treatment?

Dental insurance policies for sleep apnea treatments may fluctuate so we will speak with your dental insurance provider to help us calculate any out-of-pocket expenses. Whether you carry dental insurance or not, our team at our New York, NY office can provide you with cost estimates while talking about your treatment options. To make your dental procedures more affordable, Madison Avenue Dentists takes several payment methods and may have the ability to help you find low-interest medical financing. Contact us today to find out more.

Get the restful sleep you need

If your breathing was interrupted hundreds of times every day from your own airway being obstructed, you'd look for treatment straight away. However, if the same thing occurs during your sleep, it might be all too easy to ignore because you won't remember it when you wake up. If you believe you might be suffering from sleep apnea, then we invite you to arrange for an appointment at Madison Avenue Dentists in New York, NY so that you can get back the restful sleep you require.

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How long does an oral appliance for sleep apnea last?

Typically, a sleep apnea oral appliance will get worn down over time. On average, the dental device may last up to two years with daily usage. During your regular dental exams at our New York, NY practice, our dental team can assess your sleep apnea oral appliance to determine whether it is time for it to be replaced or not.

How much does a sleep apnea oral appliance cost?

During your initial consultation, our dental team will be able to provide you with an estimate for the cost of your sleep apnea oral appliance. The total cost will include the assessment of your mouth, any x-rays or impressions taken to ensure the right fit is built for you, and the oral appliance itself. To help make this treatment easier and more affordable, we also offer low-interest financing options.

What is the difference between a CPAP machine and an oral appliance for sleep apnea?

While CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines and sleep apnea oral appliances are both treatment options for sleep apnea, they function differently. A CPAP machine delivers pressurized air through a mask, maintaining a constant flow of air to keep the airway open during sleep. On the other hand, a sleep apnea oral appliance is a device similar to a mouthguard and works by repositioning the jaw or tongue to help keep the airway open during sleep. Madison Avenue Dentists will work with you to help you decide if an oral appliance for sleep apnea is suitable for you.

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