The Do's And Don'ts Of NightGuard Care | Proper NightGuard Care Instructions

A dental night guard is an excellent choice for patients who have a history of grinding their teeth during sleep. Nightguard must be made by a dentist and are made of either hard or hard/soft acrylic material.

Please be aware of the over-the-counter night guards as they can be detrimental to your TMJ and bite. Patients who use over-the-counter nightguard can permanently deform the bite and sometimes need braces or surgery to correct it.

A Nightguard could be easily and comfortably made at our office by an accurate impression performed by our doctors at Madison Avenue Dentists. Depending on the material, Dr. Stella Oh and Dr. Estafan would recommend different instructions of care.

  • In the morning, clean the nightguard with soap and water with an extra soft toothbrush
  • Do not brush the night guard with a hard toothbrush as it causes scratches.
  • For hard night guard, you can use denture cleansing tablets with water.
  • When storing it, keep it in the air(not water) for hard/soft kind.
  • Rinse the night guard with water before insertion.
  • If you have any dental work done such as a filling, inlay or crown, please bring you nightguard with you so it can be adjusted to fit the new restoration.

    If you happen to notice any signs and suspect you may be grinding your teeth, we welcome you to give our Madison Avenue Dentists, PC a call to schedule an appointment.