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What is 3D Oral Imaging?

Although digital dental x-rays can capture two-dimensional pictures of your teeth, 3D oral imaging provides a full 360-degree panoramic view. 3D imaging allows our dental professionals at Madison Avenue Dentists to assess the full extent of potential oral health conditions or possible damage to your teeth, mouth, skull, and jaws. It is a modern technology that provides us with a blueprint of each patient's total dental health. Not only can 3D oral imaging help us to assess any potential dental problems, but it can also explain and evaluate what changes should be made. 3D oral imaging allows for a quicker diagnosis and more correct treatment options. The 3D images that are taken could also be used to create more detailed dental onlays, inlays, implants, etc. 3D oral imaging permits us to thoroughly assist our New York, NY patients make informed decisions about their dental health.

What should I expect from the 3D oral imaging process?

Like dental x-rays, 3D imaging is typically part of your standard dental examination. The actual procedure is similar to having x-rays taken, but with 3D imaging, the imaging machine will automatically rotate 360-degrees around your head. The entire process takes approximately 20 – 40 seconds for a full-mouth view. The images are then uploaded for our team at Madison Avenue Dentists to examine and see whether you're experiencing any dental conditions that may require treatment. Because the imaging procedure can expose patients to radiation, women that are nursing or pregnant should let our team in New York, NY know beforehand.

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Will insurance cover 3D oral imaging?

When used as a part of an annual or biannual oral cleaning or exam, 3D oral imaging is normally covered by many insurance companies. Our skilled staff at Madison Avenue Dentists will contact your insurance provider and let you know whether there are any additional charges that aren't covered by your policy. We aim for you to never be surprised by what is expected of you before your appointment. To learn more about how we're dedicated to providing you with a great experience, contact our New York, NY office.

Giving you a full view into your dental needs

This method of oral imaging is an efficient way to successfully discover and treat conditions that may occur in your teeth, mouth, or jaw. 3D oral imaging is quite often employed while performing simple and complex dental procedures to help offer reassurances during the treatment and reduce the chance of complications. If you would like to make 3D oral imaging a part of your standard dental exam, contact our office in New York, NY to set up a consultation with a member of our dental team at Madison Avenue Dentists today.

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How long does it take to undergo 3D oral imaging?

These images usually take about 20 – 40 seconds in order to provide a scan of the entire mouth. If only a specific portion of the mouth needs to be scanned, it could take as little as 10 seconds.

Is 3D oral imaging safe?

Yes, 3D oral imaging is considered to be completely safe for virtually all patients. The amount of radiation emitted by the device is incredibly small and does not cause any lasting effects. However, due to the presence of this radiation, we don't usually recommend it for women who are currently pregnant or nursing.

Why would a dentist recommend 3D oral imaging?

3D oral imaging could be used for a number of reasons. First of all, it can be used as a tool for general diagnosis to allow our staff to get an in-depth look at exactly what is going on within your mouth. Secondly, it is also an incredibly useful tool in terms of creating custom implants, onlay, inlays, and other dental appliances.

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