Interdental Brush (Proxybrush & Piksters)

Did you know? When you use only a toothbrush, 40% of dental plaque between teeth are left behind! Interdental brushes improve plaque removal rate up to 95%!

Cleaning in between teeth and around gums is important if you want to maintain a healthy mouth. Many people use floss to clean in between teeth, but an interdental brush offers an easy, practical alternative. Some pressure is required to insert the brush, but not too much. Your gums can be damaged by careless use of the brush.


How Do You Use An Interdental Brush?

1. Place an interdental brush at the point where the interdental gap begins, tilt the tip at an angle to the centreline of the teeth and push it in gently at the correct angle as far as the center of the teeth..

2. Without putting any more pressure on the brush, hold the handle at 90° to the teeth.

3. Push the brush through with care and then pull it out – job done!


Every Patient Is Unique

Every mouth, every tooth, and every gap, too. This means that optimum cleaning must be adjusted to suit a person’s individual anatomy, age, and abilities. Get advice from experts on how to do it. Perfect, gentle and effective teeth cleaning is not something you can learn just by reading about it.


Get Help From Professionals

Your dentist will tell you precisely which gaps need cleaning with dental floss and which gaps can be cleaned with interdental brushes and what size brush to use. Have your cleaning methods checked regularly by your dental hygienist or your dentist?