Denture Care | How Do I Clean My Dentures?

  1. Clean your dentures every day. Cleaning daily with a denture brush and soaking in a cleanser will help keep your dentures looking white and bright while preventing plaque build-up and remove denture odor.
  2. Remove your denture(s) at least once per day for at least 1 hour. Many patients prefer to sleep without them in place.
  3. When dentures are not in place, leave them in the air (not in water). Leaving them in mouthwash is likely to discolor them.
  4. Rinse and brush your dentures in clean warm water with a denture brush.
  5. Don’t brush too hard; after all, you don’t want to damage any plastic or metal parts of the denture.
  6. If needed,moisten the denture brush to avoid damages or scratches to the denture surface.
  7. Brush your gums, tongue, and any natural teeth with a fluoride toothpaste before reinserting your denture. This will help remove plaque from your teeth, stimulate circulation in your mouth, and help maintain good oral health.
  8. After brushing, rinse with a mouthwash to give your mouth a refreshing feeling.

Never try to adjust your denture yourself. This may cause harm to your mouth or damage to your denture. Visit the dentist every 6 months or as told by Dr. Stella Oh and Dr. Ash Estafan.