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What are implant-retained crowns?

Traditional dental crowns are put over a damaged or decayed tooth to help protect and support it. An implant-retained crown can be used to replace a missing tooth. Most often, an implant-retained crown replaces a single lost tooth, but in some cases, two teeth could be fused together and connected to the same implant. The dental implant helps secure the crown and ensures it is durable against grinding, chewing, and other factors. The crown is selected to blend with the color and shape of your existing teeth to provide a beautiful smile. As one of the latest advancements in advanced dentistry, our team at Madison Avenue Dentists is very happy to offer implanted dental crowns to give patients in New York, NY great results. Contact our office to learn more about implant-supported crowns as a means to restore lost teeth.

Who is a good candidate for an implant-retained crown?

The ideal patient for getting an implant-supported crown would be an individual with overall good oral health who is missing one or two teeth. A lost tooth is more than just a cosmetic problem since it can make it tough to eat, smile, and speak. In addition, it can cause movement in your other teeth that make your bite uneven. An implanted crown might be an option to replace an old bridge if you'd like a sturdier restoration with fewer diet limitations. Before recommending an implant-supported crown, our team at Madison Avenue Dentists will explore all possible options for replacing your lost tooth/teeth and plan the best form of treatment for your particular needs and wants. Contact our office in New York, NY for more information.

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How long does it take to recover from an implant-retained crown procedure?

After every step of this process, our team at Madison Avenue Dentists will give you home care directions. We can also suggest another appointment to adjust the fit of your implant-retained crown if necessary. You should continue to attend yearly dental exams and twice-yearly cleanings in our New York, NY office so we can ensure great oral health is maintained. It is also important to continue a proper at-home oral care regimen so that your implant-retained crown will last longer. Contact our team for any additional questions or concerns you have.

Restore and maintain your smile

When you're missing a tooth, it may result in negative side effects for the rest of your teeth and mouth. This is why Madison Avenue Dentists offers implant-retained crowns as a long-term treatment to correct your smile. To find out more about this dental treatment, contact our practice in New York, NY to schedule an appointment.

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How are implant-retained crowns different from traditional crowns?

Unlike traditional crowns that rely on natural teeth for support, implant-retained crowns are supported by dental implants, offering a more stable and independent restoration.

Are implant-retained crowns durable?

Yes, implant-retained crowns are known for their durability. With proper oral care and regular dental check-ups, they can last for many years, providing a long-term solution for tooth replacement.

Can implant-retained crowns be used for multiple missing teeth?

Yes, dental implants can support various types of restorations, including implant-retained bridges and dentures, making them suitable for replacing multiple missing teeth.

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