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What are mouth guards?

You want to keep your smile intact and continue with the hobbies you love. One way to do that is to get a custom mouth guard provided by our team at Madison Avenue Dentists to shield your gums, teeth, and jawbone for those days when you're out with friends playing football, soccer, baseball, or hockey. Compared to generic mouth guards bought at the store, a custom-made mouth guard from our office in New York, NY will be crafted and adjusted for you, making it even more effective and comfortable. If you want to decrease the chance of damage to your mouth, we invite you to contact our dental team to find out more about custom-made mouth guards.

Who is a good candidate for a mouth guard?

Mouth guards are helpful if you participate in a sport with a high risk of injury or frequent contact. A mouth guard may be especially useful if you have braces or dental restorations since these can cut your gums and the soft tissue in your mouth. Mouth guards also have been proven to assist athletes in non-contact sports (running, yoga, weight training) by reducing strain on the jawbone. Since a custom-made mouth guard is created especially for your needs, it typically fits better and lasts longer than boil and bite or stock mouth guards bought at sporting goods shops. Contact our dental team at Madison Avenue Dentists in New York, NY for more information on how you can get your custom mouth guard.

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Will insurance cover the cost of mouth guards?

In your consultation, our dental team will go over your options and prices. At Madison Avenue Dentists, we take several payment methods and can help you find medical financing. Dental insurance may cover some of the expenses so we'll call your insurance company to make sure we understand exactly how much you'll owe when you make an appointment with us. Contact us at our New York, NY office for more information on how much your custom mouth guard will cost you.

Customized care that fits your needs

Safeguard your oral health and improve your athletic performance using a custom mouth guard. Our dental team in New York, NY provides high-quality mouth guards to prevent accidents and discomfort during impact sports. Schedule an appointment at Madison Avenue Dentists to learn more about the advantages of mouth guards.

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How long do athletic mouth guards last?

The length of time that your mouth guard lasts depends on several factors, including how high-contact your sport is. The more stress that is put on the mouth guard, the shorter it will last. However, we use high-quality materials at Madison Avenue Dentists in order to ensure our mouth guards last for as long as possible.

Is this the same thing as a night guard?

While athletic mouth guards and night mouth guards protect your mouth, they protect against different forms of wear and tear. Athletic mouth guards are specifically designed to protect your mouth against high impact and collisions that might occur through various contact sports and need only be worn while engaging in physical activity. Night mouth guards protect against various wear that happens when the body is at rest, such as teeth grinding, and should be worn throughout the night.

How do I clean my mouth guard?

Taking care of your athletic mouth guard is easy. First, clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste before each use. Rinse it thoroughly with water to wash away all harmful bacteria. A protective case can help prevent the mouthguard from getting cracked or broken by accident. Also, be sure to remember to clean your case as well, as bacteria can live there, too.

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