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What is root canal therapy?

Broken or decayed teeth are generally corrected with a filling or a different form of treatment if they are identified and dealt with in time. Nevertheless, when the decay reaches the middle of the tooth (also known as the pulp), root canal therapy is possibly needed to restore oral function and prevent extraction. A root canal is an endodontic therapy provided at Madison Avenue Dentists to extract diseased pulp tissue and seal off the compromised tooth to enhance oral function. Our dental team in New York, NY corrects abscessed or internally damaged teeth with thorough root canal treatment and offers sedation dentistry to further enhance patient relaxation. If you suffer from a severely damaged or abscessed tooth, call our New York, NY facility as soon as you can to hear about the perks of modern root canal treatment.

How do I know when I need root canal therapy?

Inflamed tooth pulp might be attributed to severe cavities, a break, or an injury. At Madison Avenue Dentists, we can take a digital scan and perform an oral evaluation to find out if a root canal or a different option is required to relieve tooth discomfort and save your dental health. Several of the signs that could signal you need a root canal are:

  • Swelling concentrated around the face or gumline
  • Alteration in the color of a tooth after a wound
  • Sensitivity to hot or cool temperatures
  • Another persistent dental discomfort
  • Painful pustule on the gumline
  • Intense or dull toothaches
  • Pain when eating

Contact our office in New York, NY if you have unexplained pain that you need our team to look at. We can provide you with a solution that will alleviate your pain.

Our family considers ourselves very lucky to have found Dr. Oh's and Dr. Estafan's dental practice a few years ago. Between the three of us (2 adults and a teenage kid), we had experienced the entire range of dental treatments from basic preventative procedures to root canals, crowns, bridges, multiple implants (which in my case required bone grafting). And we cannot be more satisfied! The appointments are easy to set up, waiting time is either nonexistent or reasonable, the procedures are as gentle and painless as they can possibly be. And both doctors are terrific, kind, patient and gentle human beings! If you are looking for a great dental care, no matter how difficult your case might be, you won't find a better practice!

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Will insurance cover root canal therapy?

Typically, this specific treatment is covered in some way by dental insurance plans. A member of our staff at Madison Avenue Dentists will reach out to your insurance company and give you any leftover personal costs. Our team is able to accept several payment options and can help you secure affordable financing alternatives. Contact our New York, NY office for more information on how we can make root canal therapy affordable for you.

Save your smile

Damaged or infected teeth might lead to a host of oral and total health conditions when ignored or not taken care of. But because of developments in modern dentistry, a root canal offered at Madison Avenue Dentists can be a simple way to restore your tooth, and ultimately, your dental wellness. Call our practice in New York, NY to schedule a consultation, and learn more about our methods for root canal treatment.

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