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What are dental bridges?

If one or a few of your teeth have fallen out, it's more than just a cosmetic issue — missing teeth may cause other teeth to shift out of place. This can result in more tension when biting, pain when you chew, or even difficulty speaking. A dental bridge improves the health and appearance of your mouth by covering gaps with a false tooth that is supported by either dental implants, your natural teeth, or a combination of both. At Madison Avenue Dentists in New York, NY, we offer custom-made bridges with high-quality materials that will help to restore your smile. If you have one or more teeth missing from your smile, schedule a consultation with our dental team to learn more about your treatment options with a custom bridge.

Who is a good candidate for a dental bridge?

People with missing teeth don't merely have an aesthetic issue — spaces between the smile can have a powerful impact on your oral health. The fact is, your mouth is balanced carefully and a missing tooth may affect its function. Over time, a missing tooth may lead to the shifting of teeth, creating problems with your bite (underbite, overbite, or crossbite) and atrophy of the gums and jawbone. To place a bridge, the surrounding teeth must be strong enough to hold the restoration with good jawbone density and gum tissue. At Madison Avenue Dentists, we assess your gums and jaw at your exam and consultation to help you choose the best bridge type (cantilever, traditional, resin bonded, or Maryland bonded) and material (ceramic, porcelain, metal, and porcelain fused to metal). For more information on the dental bridge procedure, contact our New York, NY office.

Our family considers ourselves very lucky to have found Dr. Oh's and Dr. Estafan's dental practice a few years ago. Between the three of us (2 adults and a teenage kid), we had experienced the entire range of dental treatments from basic preventative procedures to root canals, crowns, bridges, multiple implants (which in my case required bone grafting). And we cannot be more satisfied! The appointments are easy to set up, waiting time is either nonexistent or reasonable, the procedures are as gentle and painless as they can possibly be. And both doctors are terrific, kind, patient and gentle human beings! If you are looking for a great dental care, no matter how difficult your case might be, you won't find a better practice!

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What should I expect when I undergo dental bridge treatment?

After your teeth are prepped, our team at Madison Avenue Dentists will take digital x-rays and impressions of your teeth so your bridge can be created. A temporary bridge may be used while your custom one is being made. As soon as your dental bridge is ready, your mouth may be prepped with a numbing agent. Stronger anesthesia or sedation options may be discussed for any dental anxieties or a strong gag reflex so you will be calm during the procedure. Your custom bridge will either be cemented in place or connected to implants based on the support you and our dentists decided on during your consultation. We will adjust the fit of the bridge so it is comfortable and remains in place. Contact us at our New York, NY office to learn more.

Repair and restore your smile

Even if you don't mind the way your smile looks with a gap from a missing tooth, it can turn into more expensive problems if you don't get it fixed. Make a consultation with our team at Madison Avenue Dentists to learn more about dental bridge restorations and the options that match your specific needs. Our team in New York, NY is pleased to offer high-quality dental restorations that can help improve the health and appearance of your teeth. Contact us to make your appointment to repair and restore your smile.

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How much do dental bridges cost?

The total cost of dental can differ from one patient to another due to a variety of factors. Our talented staff will listen to your concerns during your initial appointment to create a treatment plan that is completely catered to your needs. Once this plan has been agreed upon, we can provide a more accurate estimate of the total price.

Are dental bridges painful?

No. Thanks to our modern equipment and experienced staff, the vast majority of our patients do not report feeling any pain or discomfort during their treatment.

Are dental bridges permanent?

No. Though a dental bridge can last for anywhere from 5 – 15 years, they are not permanent. If you have one, you'll need to have it replaced very sparingly.

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