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What are dental sealants?

Indentations on the top of the back teeth usually hold more food particles and tartar and are more at risk for developing cavities. Dental sealants are fine protective sealants that are composed of a transparent or milky-colored substance that is painted on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. They are used as a primary aspect of preventive dentistry and protect the teeth from damage caused by decay. Once set, sealants work to safeguard the enamel and produce a smoother exterior, which is easier to keep plaque-free. Dental sealants given at Madison Avenue Dentists not only help stop cavities but may also decrease your need for tooth-colored fillings or other restorative treatments in the future. Speak with our dental team during your routine dental visits at our New York, NY facility to decide if you could benefit from dental sealants.

At Madison Avenue Dentists, we recommend sealants for many of our New York, NY individuals as an additional preventive step for your healthy teeth. These sealants provide a number of benefits for our patients, such as:

  • Notable amount of protection against cavities
  • Subtle, tooth-colored coating
  • Protection against plaque and debris buildup
  • Save effort and money by keeping your teeth healthy

Who is a good candidate for dental sealants?

Individuals who have a history of tooth decay or those who have problems sticking to good oral hygiene routines are good candidates for sealants. When you decide to have a dental sealant placed at Madison Avenue Dentists, the application is a quick, routine process that usually needs no anesthesia. When you call about your visit, a professional on our dental staff can talk with you to decide if you could benefit from this simple and reliable option. We look forward to assisting you in maintaining better oral health in our New York, NY office.

How is a dental sealant placed?

First, our Madison Avenue Dentists team will have to look at the teeth to determine if dental sealants are the right treatment for you. To get your mouth ready for sealants, we will polish the enamel to eradicate any tartar, food debris, and germs from the tops of the teeth. The enamel is then dried, and a small sheet of sealant product will be applied evenly into the grooves with a small brush. An advanced curing light is then set on top of the tooth; this will ossify the sealant casting within approximately 10 – 20 seconds. As soon as each sealant is in position, our staff in our New York, NY office will check your bite for alignment and give you tips about how to properly care for your dental sealants.

What Can I Expect After Dental Sealants?

After the sealants are applied, you can expect to see no visible difference in your teeth as they match your natural enamel. You should be able to continue with your normal dental routine including brushing and flossing without any interruption. It is important to keep up with regular visits at Madison Avenue Dentists for professional cleanings and exams so we can evaluate the condition of your sealants. Our dental staff will check for any chips or distortions in the sealant material and restore it when needed.

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Protect teeth from tooth decay

Evade cavities and allow yourself to achieve a gorgeous, hygienic smile for many years. Dental sealants are an effective, easy, low-maintenance service at Madison Avenue Dentists that may also reduce the likelihood of future oral procedures and make way for improved dental health. Discover if sealants are good for you by scheduling a visit with a member of our team at our New York, NY facility.

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Can sealants be used for adults?

Yes. Though sealants are primarily used for children and teenagers, there is always a risk of cavities forming on the teeth. This means anyone, regardless of age, could use sealants if it might be beneficial.

Are dental sealants painful?

Due to the fact that dental sealants are merely brushed onto the teeth, there is absolutely no pain felt during the treatment. However, some children do find it difficult or uncomfortable to hold their mouths open for the several minutes necessary to apply the sealants.

Are dental sealants covered by insurance?

Dental sealants are classified as a preventative treatment, making them virtually universally covered by dental insurance plans. In most cases, patients will have to pay little or nothing out of pocket when receiving dental sealants.

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