Cosmetic Dentistry Videos

New York, NY | 5 Tips for Tooth Whitening | Madison Ave Dentists

Dr. Estafan's 5 best tips for Tooth Whitening. This is general advice and should not be taken medical or dental instruction. Each person is different, see your professional.

New York, NY | Dental Implants | Madison Ave Dentists

Dr. Stella Oh's long-time dental implant patient describes the advantages of receiving implants.

New York, NY | Best Tips to Prevent Cavities | Madison Avenue Dentists

See what the best ways are to prevent cavities! It's not just candy and chocolate you should watch - other foods cause more cavities than sweets. Also see what else you can do to stay out of the dentist's chair.

New York, NY | Extraction Aftercare Tips | Madison Avenue Dentists

Dr. Estafan describes how to take care of the area where the tooth was extracted. He reviews what to expect in terms of healing and aftercare.

New York, NY | How to Prevent Cavities | Madison Ave Dentists

Dr Ash Estafan of Madison Avenue Dentists describes what foods and food habits cause cavities (tooth decay) and what can be done to help prevent them. Find out which foods are worst, when to brush, why chewing sugarless gum can help and what to do if you are extra prone to cavities.

New York, NY | Dr. Stella Oh Patient Testimonial | Madison Ave Dentists

Patient testimonial for Dr. Stella Oh. Dr. Oh provides beautiful results with conservative, cutting-edge treatment.

New York, NY | Dr. Ash Patient Testimonial | Madison Ave Dentists

A patient of over 15 years describes what he likes so much about Dr. Estafan.

New York, NY | Meet Dr. Stella Oh | Madison Ave Dentists

Dr Stella Oh describes the practice and her approach to treating patients.

New York, NY | Meet Dr. Ash Estafan | Madison Ave Dentists

Dr Estafan describes the practice and his approach to treating patients.

New York, NY | Visit Our Office Today | Madison Ave Dentists

See our newly built beautiful office as Dr. Oh and Dr. Estafan describe the care you will receive.