Root Canal Therapy in NYC

When you’re suffering from tooth pain, extensive cavities, or a painful dental abscess, it’s our goal to help you preserve your natural tooth when at all possible. Sometimes that means taking steps beyond a filling or crown to maintain the integrity of tooth impacted by advanced disease.

Thanks to our in-house endodontic services, you can complete your root canal treatment at Madison Avenue Dentists instead of being referred to an endodontic specialist across town. Not only does this save you money, it makes your treatment more efficient with a team of dentists you already know and trust.

Why Do I Need Endodontic Treatment?

Some of the most common reasons why our NYC root canal dentists may recommend endodontic treatment include:

  •       Large cavities that extend into the nerve of your tooth
  •       Severe pain or sensitivity
  •       Previous trauma to the tooth, causing delayed loss of vitality
  •       An active abscess
  •       Cracked tooth

Instead of covering up the cavity, the infected nerve inside of your tooth needs to be removed. Patching the area over will only seal bacteria inside, eventually leading to infection, pain, and tooth loss. By medicating the hollow canal of your tooth and sealing it off, we can prevent reinfection and allow you to preserve your tooth for several more years.

If you suspect that you need a root canal or want to get a consultation about your tooth, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Madison Avenue Dentists in New York. During your exam, we’ll take a small X-ray and perform any appropriate tests to determine if the nerve of your tooth is damaged. If a root canal is your best option, Dr. Estafan can complete your procedure as well as design the permanent crown after your treatment.  Being proactive about your severe toothache and infection will potentially keep your tooth healthy for long time.  You would be pleased to experience our anxiety-free root canal treatment and more at Madison Avenue Dentists! Call today to schedule a consultation