What to Know Before Getting Porcelain Veneers in New York

By: Our Team


Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-made shells designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve appearance. Known for their durability, veneers have gained popularity in New York due to their ability to address various dental imperfections, such as discolored, chipped, or misaligned teeth. Dr. Stella Oh, a dual-trained prosthodontist at Madison Avenue Dentists in New York, NY, notes that veneers provide a natural-looking solution for those seeking to perfect their smile. With veneers, you can confidently flash your smile at social gatherings, corporate events, or simple day-to-day interactions.

Porcelain veneers in New York, NY

Choosing the right dentist for getting your veneers is crucial in achieving your desired results. As a dual-trained prosthodontist, Dr. Oh is exceptionally skilled at designing and placing veneers. Her precision and attention to detail have made her a trusted name in the industry, catering to the needs of those looking to transform their smiles through veneers.

How long do porcelain veneers last?

The lifespan of porcelain veneers largely depends on how well they are cared for. Typically, veneers last anywhere from 10 – 15 years or longer with proper maintenance. Dr. Oh emphasizes that the longevity of veneers can be extended with good oral hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups. As a provider of veneers in New York, NY, she is committed to helping her patients understand how to maximize the life of their veneers, thereby ensuring long-lasting smiles.

How to care for veneers once they're in place

Caring for veneers is quite similar to caring for natural teeth. This includes regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental check-ups. Despite the durability of porcelain veneers, it's still crucial to avoid behaviors that may damage them, such as biting on hard objects. Regular visits to a dentist providing veneers in New York, NY, like Dr. Oh, can help ensure that your veneers are well-maintained and potential issues are addressed early on.

Are you ready to transform your smile with porcelain veneers?

If you've been considering porcelain veneers, there's no better time to take the leap and transform your smile. Let Dr. Stella Oh at Madison Avenue Dentists guide you through this journey. Remember, how long your veneers last is largely influenced by how well they're taken care of, so don't hesitate to seek expert advice on how to maintain your new dazzling smile. Contact Madison Avenue Dentists today and begin your journey to a more confident smile.

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