What Signs Indicate a Problem After Dental Implant Surgery?

By: Our Team


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At Madison Avenue Dentists in New York, under the care of Dr. Stella Oh, patients can find effective dental solutions that ensure optimal outcomes. Our practice works in correcting and enhancing dental implant procedures, offering high-quality, durable results that mimic natural teeth. If you're experiencing issues like persistent discomfort, bad taste, or swelling — common signs of a potentially infected dental implant — Dr. Oh's expertise ensures a thorough assessment and tailored treatment. Whether you're dealing with tooth loss from injury, disease, or decay, or if previous treatments haven't achieved the desired results, Madison Avenue Dentists is equipped to handle complex cases with precision and care.

What does normal discomfort look like after dental implant surgery?

Experiencing some discomfort is standard following dental implant surgery, and it generally subsides within a few days. Persistent pain is uncommon, and if it occurs, it typically suggests that adjustments may be necessary rather than indicating significant problems. Should you feel that your discomfort is lingering longer than expected, a consultation with Dr. Oh can address and alleviate concerns. This proactive approach can help to promote a more comfortable recovery.

When should you be concerned about swelling after dental implants?

Swelling is a normal part of the healing process after a surgical dental procedure, including the placement of dental implants. If you notice that the swelling isn't subsiding after a few days or if it comes with symptoms like redness or warmth, it's important to contact Madison Avenue Dentists. Such symptoms can usually be managed effectively and are rarely a sign of serious complications.

How do you know if your dental implants are functioning properly?

Dental implants should restore your ability to chew and speak as naturally as possible. Difficulty with chewing or discomfort during everyday activities may be a sign that your body is still adjusting to the new implants or that slight modifications are needed. Any adjustments needed can typically be made at our New York facility, ensuring your comfort and functionality.

What are the signs of infection to watch out for after dental implant surgery?

Infections following dental implant surgery are rare but require vigilance for early signs to ensure they can be managed quickly and effectively. Signs to watch for include a persistent bad taste or smell coming from the mouth, any unusual discharge around the implant site, and an unexplained fever. Contacting Dr. Oh promptly if you notice any of these symptoms can help in receiving the necessary treatments to protect your dental health and implant integrity.

What should you do if your dental implants feel loose or unstable?

Once they are fully integrated, your dental implants should feel as stable and secure as natural teeth. If you notice any movement or feel that the implants are loose, it's essential to consult a dental professional. These issues are often straightforward to correct, ensuring that your implants remain functional and effective over the long term. Regular check-ups can prevent such issues and ensure the longevity of your dental implants.

Why is timely intervention key for maintaining dental implant success?

For optimal outcomes with dental implants, immediate attention to any irregularities or discomfort is crucial. Contact Dr. Stella Oh at Madison Avenue Dentists in New York, NY to learn more about dental implants. Dr. Oh's commitment to her patients' care ensures that each step of the implant process is handled with attention to detail, leading to successful and satisfying results. Maintaining open communication with your dental care provider is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile.

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