How Many Procedures Can Be Done for Smile Makeover Treatment?

By: Our Team


Smile makeover treatments look different for every patient. After consulting with a dentist, patients will receive a personalized treatment plan to improve the look of their teeth and their oral health.

These dental makeovers may include everything from teeth whitening and fillings to contouring and full veneers, depending on your goals and current health.

Below, we’ll look at the procedures performed by New York City makeover dentist Dr. Stella Oh, a dual-trained prosthodontist at Madison Avenue Dentists, and how many treatments are involved in a smile makeover.

What procedures are involved in a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a complete treatment plan for achieving your aesthetic and oral health goals. If your teeth are already well-positioned and healthy, it could be as simple as teeth whitening services.

For those who want to enhance their smile and need more restorative procedures, Dr. Oh and the dental team at Madison Avenue Dentists offer the following smile makeover treatments:

Patients with oral health issues will undergo treatment before moving on to cosmetic procedures since teeth and gums need to be healthy to complete smile makeover treatment. These interventions can involve:

  • Correction of a misaligned bite, such as braces or alternatives like Invisalign® treatment

  • Treatment of periodontal disease, including extractions, fillings, and gum surgery

  • Restorations, such as bridges and crowns

  • Inlays and onlays for cracked teeth or deep cavities

Preparing for a smile makeover

Almost everyone dreams of a flawless smile, but getting there can take time. Medical procedures are typically completed first and often require healing time.

Not only should a patient have their medical issues treated before a dental makeover, but they should discuss their goals for their smile with their dentist in detail to ensure they have realistic goals. New imaging techniques make communication between dentists and patients more straightforward than ever and show the expected outcomes of specific treatments in a patient's mouth.

Discussing your goals with a trusted professional, such as Dr. Oh at Madison Avenue Dentists, is crucial. You’ll want to gather photos to show your dentist what your ideal smile looks like, decide how to prioritize treatments, and consider how much time you want your dental makeover to take.

Choosing smile makeover procedures

Cost and maintenance are also important considerations when devising a plan with a smile makeover dentist. Insurance will likely cover necessary medical interventions but rarely cover cosmetic procedures.

You’ll likely have choices about how to improve your smile. For example, if realignment is a goal, traditional braces are more affordable and may be more appropriate for some patients than Invisalign. You’ll need to consider the cost and whether you want your treatment to be more discreet. Your dentist will help you make the best decision and provide alternatives that you can afford and fit into your unique lifestyle.

If you choose a treatment such as professional teeth whitening, it’s essential to consider your lifestyle and if you can cut down on activities that will continue to stain teeth, such as smoking or drinking dark sodas.

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