How Can Dental Implant Failure be Prevented?

By: Stella Oh, D.D.S.


Dental implants are a common and sometimes necessary procedure for replacing missing teeth. But even with proper care and maintenance, dental implant failure is still possible. In this blog post, dual-trained prosthodontist and cosmetic dentist Dr. Stella Oh will explore ways patients can prevent unwanted dental implant failure and have a wonderful smile.

Educating yourself about dental implants is the first step in ensuring safe and successful outcomes. Call Madison Avenue Dentists in New York, NY to set up your implant consultation today.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are metal artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone where a missing tooth used to reside. The metal implant then supports a crown, bridge, or full arch to restore the function and beauty of your smile. This restoration is designed to look like your other natural teeth. By the end of your implant treatment, no one should know you had dental work done.

How long do dental implants last?

With good care and regular checkups from a dentist, the tooth root itself can last a lifetime. However, the restoration can have a shorter lifespan since it is subject to the same wear and tear as a natural tooth. Ten to fifteen years may pass before you need a replacement restoration. This timeline varies based on each patient's individual oral health.

How do I prevent dental implant failure?

There is no guarantee that dental implants will last a lifetime, but most implants last for years with proper care and maintenance. Here are a few tips to get started in New York, NY:

  • Follow all postoperative instructions as provided by Madison Avenue Dentists. This includes keeping the treatment area clean and free from debris, taking all prescribed medications, and avoiding foods that may be abrasive or harmful to the healing process.

  • Once the implant is healed and the restoration securely in place, take care of the tooth just like your other natural teeth. Brush and floss it regularly to prevent gum disease, plaque buildup, and cavities. Mouthwash and products like water flossers are great ways to clean your teeth and gums.

  • Schedule routine dental appointments for checkups and cleanings every six months after your implant procedure at Madison Avenue Dentists. Our talented team is trained to spot any signs of dental problems before they escalate into major issues.

What if my dental implants fail?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, dental implant failure is still possible. Implant failure can be caused by gum disease, teeth grinding, infection, some medications, and health conditions like osteoporosis. Tooth pain, swelling, bleeding gums, or loose teeth are all signs that something is wrong and should be checked by Dr. Oh as soon as possible.

If this happens to you, don't panic! The dental professionals at Madison Avenue Dentists can ensure that your dental implant fails gracefully. Depending on the issue at hand, we have the skills to fix any damage and restore your teeth back to ideal oral health. Our goal is to keep you smiling comfortably and pain-free.

Safe and effective dental implants

Missing teeth take away from your ability to chew or speak clearly. Fortunately, dental implants are the perfect option for anyone looking to enhance their smile and oral health in New York, NY. If you want to learn about our processes and how to prevent implant failure, contact Madison Avenue Dentists for an appointment. Dual-trained prosthodontist and cosmetic dentist Dr. Stella Oh and the rest of our team will help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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