Are Dental Implants Permanent?

By: Our Team


One of the most popular reasons people in New York, NY are interested in dental implants is because they are long-term solutions to restoring your smile. A dental implant integrates with your jawbone, ensuring stability for years to come. Dual-trained prosthodontist Dr. Stella Oh and the experts at Madison Avenue Dentists in New York, NY are happy to provide dental implants that can correct your smile and boost your confidence.

Are dental implants permanent?

A dental implant is a long-lasting solution because they are placed in the jawbone, ensuring it stays in place while preventing further decay. An implant incorporates a metal screw that enters the gums and bone structure in the space where a natural tooth would normally appear. The screw operates as a tooth root that supports a crown on the top part of the tooth.

The screw will take a few months to integrate with your bone structure, and a temporary crown will be placed as it heals. After the implant heals, you will receive your crown that is shaped and colored to fit alongside the rest of your teeth.

The design is different from crowns or bridges that only cover decaying teeth. It is also more effective than dentures that might be tough to fit and would require adjustments on occasion if you lose any further gum or bone tissues. Since the implant enters the dental structure, it will ensure the tissue remains intact and strong.

Why is the implant so essential?

A dental implant from Madison Avenue Dentists in New York, NY entails more than replacing a missing tooth. It is also about preserving your other healthy teeth. The screw for your implant will stimulate the bone tissue and prevent it from deteriorating further. The jawbone can weaken and deteriorate if there are no teeth supporting the area. The implant acts as a replacement for your natural tooth, ensuring the tissue remains healthy and will not break apart.

Will the crown be permanent?

The crown is a part of the implant and is not permanent. Although the screw will stay in place after the implant site heals, the crown can be removed and replaced if it is damaged. You may require a new crown about 10 – 15 years after receiving the original one.

You can prolong the life of your implant crown by regularly brushing and flossing the crown. Proper dental hygiene is necessary for reducing the risk of implant failure, as plaque and bacteria can still enter the area and harm the gums and surrounding teeth.

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