Teeth Whitening: Thinking about your smile?


Teeth Whitening

Wish you had a bright natural smile? Tooth whitening aka bleaching can be a simple effective way to get you smiling more. Dr Oh and Dr Estafan are cosmetic dentists and they are both Prosthodontists.

They can dramatically transform a poor smile into a great one, but not everyone is a candidate for porcelain veneers, porcelain laminates or porcelain crowns.

Those can be a great solution if teeth are shifted, misshapen, spaced out and/or very discolored – but sometimes the only thing to improve is the color. Enter whitening treatments.

Whitening uses peroxide-based materials to improve the color of tooth enamel without removing any tooth structure.  Think about that – improve your smile without any irreversible change, without needles or drills and with relatively minimal cost.

Teeth Whitening FAQS

Will it work? How long will it last? How soon will I need to do it again?  Those questions are very patient-specific. It depends not only on your teeth, but also what your habits are and how well your teeth respond to the treatment. Equally as important is what system you use to whiten.

The products available at the drug store or mail-order are not the same as what we offer.  Also Dr Oh and Dr Estafan strongly encourage that you get a checkup before whitening.

It’s best to whiten when you know your mouth is healthy and problem-free.  They can also select the best method for you to whiten and show you exactly how to do it.

You only get this one set of teeth, let’s take care of them the right way 🙂