Lasers in dentistry was declared safe and effective by FDA only in the year 1990. Since then, it has been used in restorative and surgical treatment procedures in dentistry. Lasers are actually high intensity light beams that are projected on any tissue to cut or shape it. They help in carrying out a dental procedure with utmost precision making it virtually painless.

What are the benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Dental lasers offer maximum comfort and minimal pain as it affects only the tissue on which it is projected on. The neighboring tissue remain almost untouched. The other reasons why lasers are preferred over conventional techniques in dentistry are:

  • Less treatment time– Time consumed for the treatment using dental lasers is less than the conventional dental procedures.
  • Quicker healing – The surgical wound heals faster due to very little trauma to the adjacent tissue. Apart from that, there is almost no swelling around the wound.
  • Less bleeding– Due to precision in incision there is minimal bleeding during or even after treatment.
  • No stitches– Lasers minimize the requirement for stitches.
  • No infection– Chances of bacterial infection are negligible. This is because lasers sterilize the area where they fall thereby making it free from infection-causing bacteria.

What are the different kind of lasers?

Lasers can be both hard tissue and soft tissue. Hard tissue lasers like Er:YAG and Er can be used for dental procedures involving soft tissues. Soft tissue lasers like diode lasers and carbon dioxide lasers are the ones that are used more frequently in dentistry. Your Madison Avenue Dentist will use soft tissue laser for procedures like cosmetic gum surgery and periodontal treatment procedures.

Which dental procedures use lasers?


Due to the unbelievable versatility of lasers they are being used in various dental procedures like-

  • Preparing a tooth for filling– Generally a dental drill is used to remove the decayed part of the tooth and make space for the filling material. With lasers, tooth preparation has become extremely quick and perfect.
  • Reshaping of gums– For aesthetic problems like gummy smiles crown lengthening is the most preferred technique of treatment. Lasers come quite handy for this procedure. Gums are carved off to expose more tooth surface so that it appears longer.
  • Removal of folds of soft tissue– In case of denture-wearers, there may be soft tissue folds in the inner side of the cheeks that turn sore when left untreated. Lasers can be used to dissolve these folds.
  • Removal of tumors– Benign tumors of soft tissue can easily be removed with the help of dental lasers.
  • Teeth whitening– Lasers increase the effectiveness of the tooth whitening process by accelerating the reaction of peroxide ions on the teeth.
  • Treatment of tongue-tie– Some children have their tongue attached to the lower portion of the mouth. This condition is called as tongue-tie and can affect the speech of the child primarily. Lasers can be used to correct this problem.

Lasers can never be a substitute to conventional dental procedures as they cannot be used to fulfill every dental need of the patient. Even though the results delivered by lasers are excellent, the expenses of the treatment deter the patients to opt for lasers. Nevertheless, your Madison Avenue dentist will be the best person to guide you while opting for a specific dental treatment procedure.