Fixed Bridges

A dental bridge is a fixed (non-removable) dental prosthesis used for tooth replacement. It consists of two parts- the pontic and the abutment. The pontic is the word used for the crown that replaces the missing teeth. The abutments are the crowns that are fixed to the teeth that are used a support for bridge. Hence, if one tooth is missing, a dental bridge will contain one pontic and two abutments on either side of the pontic.

Porcelain fused to metal is the material of choice for a dental bridge. A bridge can be made out of complete ceramic as well. These specifications can be discussed with your dentist before making a choice of material.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

  • Offers superior comfort to the patient- As the appliance is fixed to the teeth, there is no need for the patient to remove it every now and then for cleaning purposes.
  • Great esthetics- There is always an option of choosing the type of bridge that suits our esthetic concern.
  • Restore form and function- The best of dental bridges is that one can start using that side with ease and the lost form or function is restored completely.

With a removable denture one requires some time period to get adjusted wearing them. With a dental bridge you find it comfortable to use right from the day one.

What does getting a fixed bridge involve?

  • The first visit involves the preparation of the teeth that are going to be used as anchoring teeth. These abutment teeth are reduced after injecting a shot of local anesthesia.
  • The prepared teeth and the area of the missing tooth is recorded in an impression. This serves as a base on which the bridge is fabricated.
  • The impression is washed and sent to the laboratory for the fabrication of the dental bridge.
  • A temporary bridge made out of resin is placed on the abutment teeth so that they remain covered and protected until the permanent replacement is placed.
  • Next visit focuses around the attachment of the dental bridge onto the teeth. The temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is placed to check if it fits fine or not. Any minor alterations if required are carried out to ensure proper fit. Finally, with the help of dental cement the dental bridge is fixed to the teeth.

You may brush and floss naturally as you do regularly. Abstain from staining foods and drinks to prevent the dental bridge from getting stained.

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