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I’m SO happy to have found Dr. Estafan! I would highly recommend him, especially to anyone fearful about dental work.

He was recommended to me by a friend. I put off the visit because I had very high anxiety about going to any dentist due to two very bad experiences I had in the past. It had been a very long time since I had last been to see anyone for dental work. I became forced to go due to a problem I was having. I went to Dr. Estafan’s office to see where he was located and to make an appointment. The staff was wonderful, and they fit me in on the spot due to the nature of the problem. I was shocked at how I was accommodated as a brand new patient. Dr. Estafan attended to me with complete sensitivity to my fears, and did an awesome job on my tooth. I felt completely comfortable.

He inspires confidence and trust. What a wonderful dentist and man! I went into his office hyperventilating, and walked out joyful. I have since been back two more times, my initial problem tooth has been treated beautifully, and I plan to continue with Dr. Estafan for all of my dental care without undue anxiety. I can’t thank Dr. Estafan enough!

Best doctor I have and actually enjoy going to! The experience is surprisingly relaxing! Incredibly clean and modern office with all the most current and advanced equipment. The staff here is the most important to notice. They are SO welcoming and make such an effort to know you personally. Both Doctors before performing any work have asked about how my job is going or how I have been feeling mentally and physically. Coming here, you truly feel your in the best hands with the most trusting employees. While teeth cleaning I was impressed with their care to apply Vaseline to my mouth as I️t got dry. Not once have I️ went to another dentist who’ve done this. I have always had two people working on me at once… talk about attention and productivity! I have also never had to wait for the doctor to see me. Not sure if braces are available here too but was able to get Invisalign without seeing a different doctor or orthodontist. LOVE THIS PLACE AND highly recommend for a wonderful dental experience !

Dr Estafan and staff are young, friendly and extremely efficient. State of the art equipment, details about visit procedures and follow ups discussed while you get work done. Office super clean and perfect temperature staff making sure you are comfortable and relaxed.

I am more than happy to share my experience with Dr. Oh and Dr. Estafan who are both experts on aesthetic dentistry. Unfortunately, my teeth are porous which led to bad staining and having darker colored teeth. I had bonding performed and over time, and as a result, my teeth would discolor again. After doing research to find a highly recommended cosmetic dentist near my work, I found Dr. Stella Oh. I am very impressed with her extensive background in Prosthodontics. She explained things thoroughly and was never pushy. She shared with me that if I wanted to have whiter teeth for an extensive period of time, I should consider porcelain veneers. We had many discussions about my concern of them looking fake and Dr. Oh assured me that I would end up with a natural smile. Dr. Oh explained, “We are very picky on the lab we use to have the veneers created, since it is a huge priority to have the porcelain veneers work with the patients face and for them to look really natural.” Overall, I am thrilled that I got them done and I have a natural smile. I am no longer concerned about smiling since I have whiter teeth, and I now have more confidence. Also, it is nice to be able to wear brighter lipstick and get dressed up because my smile is so much nicer. To have a pretty smile has a direct impact on your whole face Dr. Stella Oh is a perfectionist and that is what you want in a Prosthodontist. I am getting married in a few months and am so glad I made the decision to get the veneers before my wedding. 🙂

Incredible dentist who was nothing but professional. I highly recommend anyone thinking about a new dentist consider Dr. Estafan. Having had a life long fear of dentists I now no longer dread going to the dentist because Dr. Estafan makes me feel at ease and does a great job with no pain or stress.

Dr Estafan, as always was very professional He is patient, checks every detail, does not rush very careful with his work. Explains everything to his patient. Wonderful professional!

If Dr. Estafan is your dentist, then consider yourself lucky. He is extremely knowledgeable and skilled, up to date with the most recent technological advances. Dr. Estafan is the epitome of a great doctor – he listens, he’s sensitive to patients fears/concerns, he’s respectful, does terrific work and compassionate. These are traits that are becoming extinct yet he manages to be wonderful on every level. As I said earlier, if you’re his patient, then consider yourself lucky.

Dr. Estafan is very patient and explains everything every well. He has videos to explain the procedures. He makes sure to ask how I am feeling and does his best to make sure I am comfortable.

I felt that Dr. Estafan was thorough and knowledgeable. He explained everything to me about his recommended treatment of my problems (which are extensive…involving 2 implants etc.) and in addition gave me a completely mapped out treatment plan including a timeline. Rarely does any dentist take the time to go over all of this plus answer any questions I had. I would recommend him to my family and friends wholeheartedly.

I have been seeing Dr. Estafan for 4 years now, he and his staff are the most professional dentist office I have ever been to. His office is CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN, beautiful and always on time. I highly recommend Dr. Estafan!