Dental Implants – The Best Development of Modern Dentistry

Dental Implants: The Best Development in Modern Dentistry

Everything you need to know about Dental Implants

What are Dental Implants?

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Think of a dental implant as a replacement for a root of a tooth, similar to the prosthetic hips or knees in orthopedics.  Dental implants are surgically placed in one’s jawbone and they become osseointegrated, meaning the integrate with the bone. 

Healthy dental implants that are anchored in bone are a strong foundation for one or more crowns, which look exactly like your teeth.

The abutments or posts are the middle connection between the dental implant and the crown or dentures.  Once the missing teeth are restored with dental implants and restorations, you will feel great about smiling and eating.  

“Dental Implants are the reason I became a dentist,” recounts Dr. Stella Oh. “The worst days in my practice is having to extract a tooth and the best days are when I can replace the lost teeth with dental implants. 

I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide great service for patients with dental implants because THEY WORK.”

When are dental implants indicated?

Dental implants are indicated when there are missing teeth with an exception of wisdom teeth.  Dental implants can replace individual teeth to multiple teeth. 

Why not dentures or bridges?

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“Bridges necessitate cutting of the adjacent teeth. Once you remove the adjacent teeth, you cannot regrow the tooth structure.” according to Dr.Oh. “Dentures without the support from dental implants, it will never be as functional as the natural teeth. 

As a matter of fact, partial dentures will cause more teeth loss.” Adding implants as a foundation of the restoration can help the patients chew normally and smile naturally.

Can any dentist provide dental implant surgery?

Dentist who has several years of fellowship in implant dentistry and oral surgeons can place dental implants.  General dentists can restore small cases, but for extensive restorative cases where complete implant rehabilitations are indicated, it’s better to see a specialist – a Prosthodontist. 

Prosthodontist has extensive training in handling all types of restorative treatments – those with implants, crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays and combinations of those. Knowing which treatments to recommend, how to sequence them, execute and maintain them are what set Prosthodontists apart. 

Is Dental Implant Surgery Painful?

Typically there is very little post-operative discomfort.  Patients most often mention that the extraction of a tooth is more difficult to endure afterward. 

Put simply, if you can handle the extraction, the implant will likely be less traumatic. With minimally invasive implant surgery, most patients feel very little or no pain.  Most patients go back to work right away and even exercise.

According to Dr. Oh’s experience. “It’s about thorough pre-op planning, handling tissue very carefully and following up on every patient closely.

Is the dental implant treatment expensive?

A great dental implant service would not be cheap.  Inexpensive implant treatments typically involve lower quality implants and restorative material.   

Also, compare to trying to salvage a failing/compromised tooth(or teeth)- necessitating root canal therapy, crown and sometimes crown lengthening the implant treatment could be a much better option. 

Many of Dr. Oh’s patients chose Dental implants and realize that it became much more cost-effective after 10+ years after the procedure.

Partial dentures, as mentioned earlier, are notorious for harming the existing teeth.  Therefore, some partial denture patients may need to get them replaced several times throughout their lives. 

How do I care for Dental Implants?

Why Dental Implants are necessary?

Daily oral hygiene with flossing and brushing is essential.  For some patients, they need to use Waterpik to remove plaque and food particles. Additionally, coming in for a regular check-up and cleaning is important since any problems can be diagnosed early on if any. 

Dr. Oh recommends dental implant rehabilitated patients to come every 4 months.

With Dr. Oh’s experience, well-placed implants with restorations completed by a prosthodontist can last a lifetime. Daily flossing and brushing are also important to maintain the optimal health of the dental implant.

If you or your loved ones have a missing tooth(or teeth) that needs to be replaced, dental implant therapy should be considered first. 

Dental Implants are proven to work and the recovery time is getting shorter with improved technology.

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